Bosom Bay @ Chest Treasures

Chest Treasures Brings You 

Bosom Bay 

Beach & Club.

Escape from your normal, hectic life for awhile, and come visit our beautiful beach at Bosom Bay.  Plenty of comfortable spots to lounge and relax by yourself or with friends or loved ones.  Bring a date and make out by the pool, sunbathe topless by the ocean, enjoy the sound of the ocean and soak in the steam from the sauna.  This is all available to you, our VIP members of Chest Treasures!

Be sure to check out our beautiful club at Bosom Bay also, where we will be having DJs rocking you and keeping you dancing during our sponsored events, and live singers and musicians seducing you with their REAL musical talents.

For questions about leasing the club for private parties, being a DJ or a live performer/musician with us, please contact Sufferingfrom Lockjaw or Solidx Resident  for further information.

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