About Us

Chest Treasures is a premier mesh/prim boobie mall.  The mall is full of 68 of your favorite busty designers.

Established in April 2013 by entrepreneur and builder Solidx, the mall contains 68 of your favorite busty designers.   

Some of our stores include:
Purple Candy
Pink Sugah
Tits Up
Rachel Swallows Creations
Hello Titty
Tiny Things
Vooh Designs
Pink Princess
Gatherings Designs
Que Bella!
Mountain Tops
Patchwork Heart
Brazen Hussies
...and the list goes on!  This is just a small sample of the quality names we have here at Chest Treasures.  

The clothing and products sold here are good not only for people with breast implants, but majority of them can ALSO be worn by non-implant-wearing persons, so don't be afraid to come shopping just because you don't have breast implants! ;)

Come walk around and check out our mall!  If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by the help desk at the landing point, and write to one of our online representatives!

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