Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Winsome Twins New Release Couples Pose and Group Gift

I had quite the day at the beach. Sun on my skin. Wind through my hair. Hands on my body. Romance was brought to life by the sentiments of Winsome Twins poses. Below you'll see me getting a peek at a lucky starfish, showing off my happy surprise with the Winsome Twins Group Gift at Chest Treasures Mall, available now. He gave me a sticky kiss on my leg!

Jason gave me stickier and sweeter kisses. A humid day only got hotter when we hit the sand together. Before a dip in the surf, he bathed me in touches. I got real wet, even before I reached the waves. We Touch is the name of this thrilling pose, a new release from Winsome Twins.

Legs kicking open to him, falling into his hands, fingers and eyes holding on with desperation - We Touch shows me swept up in the surf of my lover's embrace. It was a pleasure to take hold of my body. It'll toss you into a pose of pleasure to, so be sure to drop by Chest Treasures Mall for this exhilarating Winsome Twins new release.

<3 Jessi

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spicy Coco May Group Gift

There's a hot number from Spicy Coco at Chest Treasures Mall that's available to all in our Highlight Room. I wore it on a murky day to turn the temperature up outside the coffee shop.

The Spicy Coco May Group Gift has a pepper-green top and lace-trimmed black leather pants. It's got heat, sweet and more than just a pinch of spice.

Drop by the Chest Treasures Mall now to collect your free dose of Spicy Coco and dozens of other great Group Gifts from our designers!

<3 Jessi

Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Hello Titty Tango Group PLAY GAL

The Hello Titty Tango Group released a skimpy, sexy new number: The Play Gal.

Play Gal features white, high-waisted shorts and a simple black top. I sported some bunny ears to get that perfect "play gal" look and lived a photo-shoot fantasy.

Play Gal is available now at Chest Treasures Mall. You'll have to get your own ears, but I'm sure your tail will look plenty cute!

<3 Jessi

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Release: Winsome Twins Melissa Pose

Winsome Twins, Pose artists specializing in busty women, released their new pose, Melissa. I took it for a stroll at the beach today.

Winsome Twins Pose Melissa
Winsome Twins is available at Winsome Twins @ Chest Treasures Mall, and have a new Group Gift for May.

Display your beauty for lovely photos like these with the work of Winsome Twins. Oh, and check out Winsome Twins pose images of my entire adventure at the beach here on my Flickr!

<3 Jessi

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ribbon Pasties S.A.D. Group Gift at Chest Treasures Mall

Cute blue bows are the Group Gift from Sistas Appliers & Designs (S.A.D.) at Chest Treasures Mall. These Ribbon Pasties add a great touch of girlish fantasy for fanciful occasions, like my trip through Wonderland!

The Ribbon Pasties are part of a dress that S.A.D. offers, the Peek A Boo Dolly Mesh Dress, which comes in four different colors - pink, black, red and blue. The ribbons are the Gift, and they're real shiny, and fit so nice with a bit of nipple peeking out.

If you'd like to see more of S.A.D.'s work, they have a really good Web presence. They have a website, a Flickr, a Facebook Page and a site dedicated to advertising for big-breasted ladies and other appliers galore, Applier Freaks!

See the rest of my S.A.D. in Wonderland romp here!

<3 Jessi