Friday, July 11, 2014

Winsome Twins July Group Gift

Midsummer nights aren't just about skin-tingling dips in moonlit pools or sweating atop the sheets with one you love. They're about dreams, too. My new vacation house is a dream come true, so I wandered the lilies and tulips one warm night. The wonder and reflection I felt showed with exquisite detail, thanks to the new Winsome Twins Group Gift, July at Chest Treasures Mall. It's a pose that displays delicate thought and subtle sensuality.

There was so much to play with beneath the soft gleam of the stars: My raft. My rope swing. Even a gentle, little friend - my giraffe. When you affect this pose from Winsome Twins, you'll draw friends too. It hints at mysteries and wonder that a discerning seeker of dreams just can't resist.

I hope you have some dreamy nights ahead. I'm going to sprawl out on the raft, listening to the water lap as I sip my bottled Barq's, and watch what flits in the simmering air. You should flit on down to Winsome Twins at Chest Treasures Mall and grab the Group Gift - and subscriber gift! You never know what mood the magic of midsummer may bring.

<3 Jessi

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