Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Winsome Twins Glam Pose Collection New For June

Another winner from Winsome Twins inspired me to pose on the road again. I took a trip up to my ski lodge. The snows were soft. The pillow fort was snug. The fire was hot. The glamour of these poses made me warmest of all. They're available now at Winsome Twins at Chest Treasures Mall, for when you're feeling like seducing the spotlight or just finding your most sensual self for a few sexy shots.

The Glam Pose Collection is new in June from Winsome Twins. It features five sleek glamour poses that go from subtly sultry to undeniably spicy. They entertained my body like the lick of fireplace flame. I had to take shelter in my cozy fort to let the heat escape.

You deserve to be seen at the most glamorous. The Winsome Twins Glam Pose Collection is sure to give you your just desserts. Sweet expressions and frolicking postures will grab the camera for you. It steamed up an entire ski lodge, so it's sure to bring a smolder to your Snapshots.

<3 Jessi

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