Friday, June 20, 2014

Verocity Group Gift Pose

Chest Treasures Mall welcomes Verocity to our family this month, and they were so kind to give us a gift - a Group Gift, in fact. Their sensual and exciting gallery of poses now includes the Jessi Pose Collection, named after me! If it looks like I'm in Heaven in these pictures, that's because I am - delighted to have the Verocity brand included in our breast-friendly community.

The Verocity Jessi Pose Collection includes six sensual and stylish poses. Some are erotic, some are elegant, and each is lusciously crafted to entice the eye. And they're all very charming to the chest, as you can see! I was so touched by their generosity, it was easy to arch and purr for the sake of Verocity.

So sashay down to the Chest Treasures Mall right away to welcome Verocity and pick up the Jessi Pose Collection Group Gift. Their work is delicious. It's sure to fit your tastes, no matter what your bust size. Let it whet your appetite for a variety of low-cost, high-quality poses, available now through Verocity at Chest Treasures Mall!

<3 Jessi

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