Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet Tart June Group Gift

I'm a lucky girl, with a lot in my life that I love. I love my boyfriend. I love our new house. And I love myself. So does the Sweet Tart June Group Gift at Chest Treasures Mall - I Love MySelf! This cozy number loved me so much, it could hardly contain it. I slipped it on while setting up my home and decorated my body with its cuteness and comfort.

The warm red of this top and stretch pants really brightened my moving day. It clung to me while I bent over to pick up boxes, stretched up to hang pictures and skipped about for finishing touches on the living room. The tight fit, cute logo and heart belt buckle were perfect for an active time at home.

I want to show off the things I love. The Sweet Tart June Group Gift does too. I Love MySelf provides sexy peeks at what its fabric hugs so well. By the time I was done decorating, I was eager to entertain. It's so nice to share love, after all. Group members can share in this cozy cuteness for just the price of a click all through the month of June. Grab yours at Sweet Tart at Chest Treasures Mall, and show everyone what you love!

Jessi <3

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