Friday, June 6, 2014

S.A.D. Gatcha Hoodie Collection

It may be summer, but it's also the season for June Gloom. And when you hear my scary adventure, you'll know it's time to get S.A.D. It was a murky morning when I went for a jog, snug in the S.A.D. Gatcha Hoodie you see here. I couldn't have been cozier, thanks to the exceptional form-fitting mesh and applier work from the artists at Sistas Appliers & Designs.

But then things got a little uncomfortable. I spotted a man following me. It was pretty frightening and kind of exciting. I bounced onto a bench to make a quick call - and to give you all a look at how the hoodie merges seamlessly with their applier work. The S.A.D. Gatcha Hoodie Collection comes at the Gatcha price of 50L per pull, but the 999L fat pack price gives you 75% savings on all the colors. What a steal!

So, the good news for this gloomy June is that you can rush out to Sistas Appliers & Designs at Chest Treasures Mall for this 50L marvel of mesh and appliers. The bad news? I got stolen too. That stalker swept me up and tossed me into a windowless van before I could make my call. Good thing the S.A.D. Hoodie doesn't tear easily! But you'll have to come by our Chest Treasures blog tomorrow to see how I fare.

<3 Jessi

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