Sunday, February 9, 2014

Party at the New Bosom Bay on February 12

Grand Opening of Bosom Bay Club at Chest Treasures Mall!
TWO LIVE SINGERS, One awesome night of music, fun, and sponsored prizes!

6PM SLT: Toxic Darkmatter live!
7PM SLT: Leannan Lockjaw Live!

Come check out the amazing new beach, and our stunning club where we will be having live events and guest DJs! 

Chest Treasures is a premier mesh/prim breast implant-friendly shopping experience, located in a spacious 2-story sky mall.
Established in April 2013 by entrepreneur and builder Solidx, the mall contains 68 of your favorite busty designers.

*Info on Toxie: Plain and simple Im a chick that loves to sing! I got roped into singing in SL from some friends of mine and while I question their sanity lol Ive never questioned the good times Ive had while doing it. I hope to be able to bring you some entertainment while indulging in a little musical therapy! My styles tend to be on the bluesy side maybe a little jazzy, and sometimes sultry it all depends on my mood and the song! I ADORE requests because i never know what people want to hear so it saves me from making bad choices in choosing what to sing for you lol This is our common bond you can be hurt by love or healed by the same but the music will always remain.

*Info on Leannan: y as a toddler, and has been in love with music ever since. She loves everything from Bread to Queen to Journey to Madonna to Evanescence, and everything in between. She's not classically trained, but was vocally trained at home by her mother, who performed on stage before Lea was born. All her singing comes from the heart.... isn't that where real music comes from?

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