Friday, August 1, 2014

Hot Curves Of Summer! Gacha Event.

Chest Treasures Presents:

Hot Curves Of Summer!


Hot Curves Of Summer! The theme of this Gacha event is aimed towards showing off those voluptuous curves in the sweltering summer months. All clothing and accessories support avatar enhancements (Lolas, Phat Azz, Wowmeh, Slink ect...).So come on down to Chest Treasures mall and try and win some amazing items.

Hot Curves Of Summer Run from the 1st till the 31st of August.

Landing Point

List Of Participating Shops

Sponsors as Follows:
07] Ravnous
08] MoDANNa
09] Lolita
10] Boutique D'carlo     
11] 1Hundred
12] Sweet Tart

Non Sponsors:
Have Fun Playing from behave of all participants and Chest Treasures mall.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Winsome Twins July Group Gift

Midsummer nights aren't just about skin-tingling dips in moonlit pools or sweating atop the sheets with one you love. They're about dreams, too. My new vacation house is a dream come true, so I wandered the lilies and tulips one warm night. The wonder and reflection I felt showed with exquisite detail, thanks to the new Winsome Twins Group Gift, July at Chest Treasures Mall. It's a pose that displays delicate thought and subtle sensuality.

There was so much to play with beneath the soft gleam of the stars: My raft. My rope swing. Even a gentle, little friend - my giraffe. When you affect this pose from Winsome Twins, you'll draw friends too. It hints at mysteries and wonder that a discerning seeker of dreams just can't resist.

I hope you have some dreamy nights ahead. I'm going to sprawl out on the raft, listening to the water lap as I sip my bottled Barq's, and watch what flits in the simmering air. You should flit on down to Winsome Twins at Chest Treasures Mall and grab the Group Gift - and subscriber gift! You never know what mood the magic of midsummer may bring.

<3 Jessi

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bloggers Wanted

Hot Curves Of Summer! Gacha Fair

Bloggers wanted...

Chest Treasures Shopping mall is organizing the Hot Curves Of Summer! Gacha Fair 
We are looking for Bloggers to blog about the items being setup in the Gacha machines
from the shop owners taking part in this event.

Please Click the Link below to fill the application.

**Event Blogger Application.**

For Any Questions please contact Solidx Resident .

Thank you .

Friday, June 27, 2014

Baby Girl Inc Exclusive and Group Gift

'Vintage' always means something truly special. This cozy new offering from Baby Girl Inc. Sassy Me is just that - super special and exclusive to Chest Treasures Mall! I was so delighted when I was asked to model Sassy Me that I took it to bed with me, for a slumber party with my favorite cuddly buddy, Rudy. The clingy cotton and sensual cut made it a restless but satisfying night.

I must have tossed and turned so much, because I woke with the covers kicked off, Rudy on the floor and my sunny skin glistening. I can't be blamed: Sassy Me by Baby Girl Inc. has the most precious pink buttons that just plead to be plucked and pressed. Its balance of gray and blush really catches the eye and cages the imagination. It caught me in sticky dreams and released me ready to rise to the day.

I was glowing with warm feeling and good fortune when I got out of bed. You'll be in luck too, if you're a Chest Treasures Mall customer. You can pick up this two-piece serving of sexy vintage luxury from Baby Girl Inc at Chest Treasures Mall. Your slumber party friends will thank you!

After such a steamy night atop the sheets, I needed to relax by the pool and gather myself. Baby Girl Inc. came through for me again with this Baby Girl Inc June Group Gift - a bikini that's perfect for the sunbather with Gothic style close to her heart. I couldn't be happier to welcome another grim day in Hathian, LA with a mug of Kona pea berry, a pair of cushy pillows and the skull-covered stretch of the Baby Girl Inc Group Gift, available too at Chest Treasures Mall.

See you poolside, fans, and if you find Rudy, give him a kiss from me and tell him I'm sorry for such a wild night. Sometimes I can't help myself.

<3 Jessi

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Whimsy Closet's Redlines June Group Gift

Hot summer nights call for clubbing! The humid air and the brights lights barely give your body a chance to breathe. You need casual clubwear that lets your skin take the air. The Chest Treasures Mall Group Gift from Whimsy's Closet's Red Lines is a splendid fit. It's ready to wrap your curves, free for all group members at Chest Treasures Mall in June.

When I'm on the dance floor, it's not just about the moves - I want what I'm wearing to seize the eye. Whimsy's Closet Red Lines does it with power colors, red and black, that really crank up the temperature. When the club floor starts to steam, the sleek, short cut will show off the places that you're glistening.

Miami or Moscow, Chicago or Cabo, New York City or my beloved home, New Orleans - wherever you're dancing, Whimsy's Closet Red Lines turns it into the tropics. I was burning up before I even left the house. Once I hit the street, the cement was smoking! Catch the heat at Whimsy's Closet at Chest Treasures this month with the June Group Gift.

<3 Jessi

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet Tart June Group Gift

I'm a lucky girl, with a lot in my life that I love. I love my boyfriend. I love our new house. And I love myself. So does the Sweet Tart June Group Gift at Chest Treasures Mall - I Love MySelf! This cozy number loved me so much, it could hardly contain it. I slipped it on while setting up my home and decorated my body with its cuteness and comfort.

The warm red of this top and stretch pants really brightened my moving day. It clung to me while I bent over to pick up boxes, stretched up to hang pictures and skipped about for finishing touches on the living room. The tight fit, cute logo and heart belt buckle were perfect for an active time at home.

I want to show off the things I love. The Sweet Tart June Group Gift does too. I Love MySelf provides sexy peeks at what its fabric hugs so well. By the time I was done decorating, I was eager to entertain. It's so nice to share love, after all. Group members can share in this cozy cuteness for just the price of a click all through the month of June. Grab yours at Sweet Tart at Chest Treasures Mall, and show everyone what you love!

Jessi <3

Friday, June 20, 2014

Verocity Group Gift Pose

Chest Treasures Mall welcomes Verocity to our family this month, and they were so kind to give us a gift - a Group Gift, in fact. Their sensual and exciting gallery of poses now includes the Jessi Pose Collection, named after me! If it looks like I'm in Heaven in these pictures, that's because I am - delighted to have the Verocity brand included in our breast-friendly community.

The Verocity Jessi Pose Collection includes six sensual and stylish poses. Some are erotic, some are elegant, and each is lusciously crafted to entice the eye. And they're all very charming to the chest, as you can see! I was so touched by their generosity, it was easy to arch and purr for the sake of Verocity.

So sashay down to the Chest Treasures Mall right away to welcome Verocity and pick up the Jessi Pose Collection Group Gift. Their work is delicious. It's sure to fit your tastes, no matter what your bust size. Let it whet your appetite for a variety of low-cost, high-quality poses, available now through Verocity at Chest Treasures Mall!

<3 Jessi